Drinking and driving during the Christmas season, alcohol – accidents are highest during this period

The mulled wine, he caused me heartburn, I thought the stomach acid coming out of my ears, in the Advent season is the most popular alcoholic beverage. Even people, who otherwise drink little alcohol, look in the weeks before Christmas, the one time or other time too much drunk. This increases the risk of accidents. Some will crash when going home and possibly freeze. Others will get into their car and hurt themselves or others, for some it will be fatal. These consequences are aware neither of us drunken state. The financial loss will still be the smallest problem.
I do not want to come across as someone who’s not an alcoholic on the contrary I do not begrudge anyone his work beer or glass of wine, or just too hot wine. My wife drinks from time to time also a few glasses of alcohol, but that does not bother me at all. There are many people who can cope well with alcohol and do not cause accidents, because they always know yet what they do! Only we alcoholics can not, just because we need a high dose to feel good about ourselves and we know not just what we do. We are a danger on the road, the danger to other people, the greatest danger to our family and our relatives. I can now get to start driving in my car each time and because today I’ve always 0,0 per mille of alcohol in the blood. That’s always a great feeling. I am so free of the drug alcohol, so that I don’t need this drug anymore, I don’t miss it and it does not bother me even if someone drinks alcohol in my presence. I thank God for salvation from the hell of alcohol!

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